Cesidian societal-political science terms

Tallini World or non-World Major descriptive Cesidian society or polity Cesidian multiple societies or polities Usually
related to
Descriptive verb
Observerƒ: Child or junior adult Affiliatedϕ homo homines Families Affiliation
Representativeϸ: Household or family Married† stirps stirpes Spouses or partners Conjugation
Sixth World:
Hamlet or clan
Ordained‡ gens gentes Academic affiliations Matriculation
Fifth World:
Parish or nationƔ
Consecrated§ curia curiae Religious orders, denominations, or company affiliations Ordination
Fourth World:
Village or stateƦ
Nationalised¶ tribus tribus Religious tribes
or nationalities
Third World:
Town or country
Civilised civis cives Citizenships Naturalisation
Second World:
City or region
Delineated genus genera Delineations Civilisation
First World:
Conurbation or quasi-world
Ecosystemic species species Speciation Delineation

Notes on Ectoenglish ⓔ terms

ϕ Adopted.
† Stirpetised.
‡ Gentilised.
§ Curialised.
¶ Tribalised.
ƒ The term 'observer' in a generic context is used to represent any Tallini non-World entity (more than a single person). However, when used in reference to single persons, it can also represent an ectopolitan child or junior adult under Cesidian law.
ϸ The term 'representative' is used to represent an ectopolitan senior adult under Cesidian law.
Ɣ Religious/ethnic band, congregation, or micronation.
Ʀ Religious/ethnic tribe or group.