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Community Portal

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Welcome to the Fifth World Community Wiki (5WC Wiki)! You are welcome to help us build this wiki, and turn it into a micronational community resource.


The purpose of this wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to keep track of all Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World philosophical and practical developments, that is, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World Research & Development (R&D). Please note that this wiki's format is slightly different from that of standard wikis, so check the tips below to learn how to build pages.


Tips for working with this wiki


Current projects

You may wish to go to the Microstates page, click on the link of your micronation, and start writing an article.


Alternatively, those representing organisations may wish to go to the Organisations page.


Or you may wish to create a nice bio page, just like mine!


External links

  • 5W Wiki - a wiki that is not meant to be collaborative
  • MicroWiki - a micronational wiki

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