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Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 1 week, 1 day ago

Ectopolitan • 外局人 • एक्टोपॉलिटन • Ectopolita • ექტოპოლიტი • Ektopolitas • Ektopolīts • Ектополитен • Ectopolite • خارجبوليتان • বাহিরেবিশ্বজনীন • Эктополит • Ektopolitan • ایکٹوپولیٹن • Ektopolit • エクトポリタン • اکتوپولیتن • ਐਕਟੋਪੋਲੀਟਨ • ఎక్టోపాలిటన్ • 엑토폴리탄 • Người ngoài • எக்டோபாலிட்டன் • خارج وطنی • ความเป็นข้างนอก • બહારગરિક • ኤክቶፖሊታን • Waje siyasa • Ektopolityczny • ಎಕ್ಟೋಪಾಲಿಟನ್ • Ектополіт • എക്ടോപൊളിറ്റൻ • ଏକ୍ଟୋପଲିଟାନ୍ • اکتوشهری • ນອກໂລກ • Ectopolitische • এক্টোপলিটান • ඒක්ටොපොලිටන් • Ektopolît • Εκτοπολίτικος • Ektopolita • Ektopolitní • Ectopolit • Ектополитска • Ektopolitiska • ኢክቶፖሊታን • Ìta olóṣèlú • Ngaphandle kwepolitiki • Ngaphandle kwezopolitiko • Ektopolitiese • Эктапаліт • Էկտոպոլիտան • Ektopolitisk • Ектополит • Ektopoliittinen • Ektopolitiske • Ektopolitný • ཕྱིའི་མི་སྣ • אַקְטוֹפּוֹלִיטִי • Ektopoliit • Utanborgari • Ektopolito • A-muigh-poilitigs • Waho-politika • Jawa llaqta • ᐁᒃᑐᐳᓕᑕᓐ • Ectopolites • ɒɈiloqoɈɔɘ


Nota Bene: the article below may not be published in formats permissible for citizens of UN member countries, or even for cosmopolitans, and/or for stateless people, as the human being below is an ectopolitan, which means that he does not identify or align with, nor permits traditional politics, and/or business, to influence or undermine his life, his natural affections, his natural affiliations, and/or his natural community. The individual below considers all UN member countries as no more dignified than Aristotelian zoos, which constantly violate human rights, treat de jure citizens like de facto slaves, and national and multinational corporations as entities authorised to violate human rights by their respective states or countries (ie, as criminal entities), and with no actual legal accountability in the constitutions of states or countries for their crimes against natural human beings.


Make natural science,

 not war on nature.

 — Kaisiris Tallini


Meddíss Túvtiks Kaisiris Tallini
HMRD Cesidio Tallini
MT Kaisiris Tallini
Kaisiris Tallini on 24.11.2020

Meddíss Túvtiks of Kaisiris Clan

Analytic Theologian of Cesidian Network

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MT Kaisiris Tallini was born Cesidio Tallini in Jamaica Hospital, New York City, on 10 May 1962, at 04:30 UTC (or 05:30 CMT†) [S1Ψ26E1962•229].


After growing up in both the United States and Italy, Kaisiris eventually settled in the US, and came to identify himself as an Italian American. However, Kaisiris became dissatisfied with the hyphenated American label, more than authentic ethnic or national identity, and not identifying as a member of any other American society, he became a micronationalist by founding The Tallini Family (TTF) on 17 November 1998 [T2Μ09M1998].


Kaisiris was never fully accepted within any particular micronation, or community of micronations however, and he tried very hard to even create a community of micronations after founding The Tallini Family (17.11.1998 – 11.08.2019). Before giving up entirely on any form of micronational identity, Kaisiris merged three successful micronational professional organisations, in order to form the Paradiplomatic Affairs (PdA) organisation on 24 May 2013 [U1Ψ14F2013•712].


Kaisiris eventually was born again as Kaisiris Tallini on 3 September 2013 [K2Ψ22J2013•460], when he registered his new ectopolitan name through the Paradiplomatic Affairs (24.05.2013 – Ω) ectogovernmental organisation (EGO).


The disaffection, and the chronic dysfunction of the micronational or panarchist political philosophy however, which is still political or Aristotelian by nature, eventually led to the disbandment of the Cesidian Root (30.09.2005 – 04.06.2017) high tech organisation, as well as the disbandment of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago or UMMOA (17.11.1998 – 04.06.2017) international political party on 4 June 2017 [W1Φ25F2017•015].


Since then, Kaisiris has become a de facto ectopolitan (04.06.2017 – Ω), and he eventually coined the post-Aristotelian terms of ectopolitical and ectopolitics on 29.12.2020 [Z2Π30N2020•020]. The ectopolitician coinage, on the other hand, was made on 30.12.2020, and the important ectopolitan coinage was made on 1 January 2021 [A1Φ01A2021•247] through an email.


Since the coining of ectopolitical and ectopolitics terms, Kaisiris has essentially started the Cesidian revolution (29.12.2020 – Ω), which is a major paradigm shift, but on multiple levels: political, linguistic, and legal at the very least. Also, since Kaisiris has understood that with the "hot air" called Cyberterra (43°0'0" North, and 15°0'0" East) the field of ectogeography, or "outside of geography" has been invented, and Cyberterra is actually the first ectoisland, the Cesidian Era, or the post-religion without spirituality era, started on 3 February 2021 [E1Μ08B2021•794]. This has caused a religious revolution, besides the already political, linguistic, and legal revolution components, and has brought the ectohistory of Christianity (circa 08.04.30 CE – 03.02.2021) to a natural close.


Kaisiris has also become a de jure or legal ectopolitan (02.04.2021 – Ω) on 2 April 2021 [N1Φ14D2021•712], the day the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) cancelled the UMMOA trademark registration (formerly a Collective Membership Mark).


Finally, with the astonishing development of the proof that ectopolitans are gods on 14 March 2022 [K1Δ21C2022•718], Cesidian spiritual science (Css) has become the real "Queen of Sciences", and this has signalled the start of the Cesidian Age, or the post-materialistic science only age.


Important articles by Kaisiris Tallini in Ectoenglish ⓔ (or Ectoitalian ⓘ):



Important ectonyms and exonyms (multilingual plus sound):


  • Ectoenglishⓔ: Kaisiris Tallini [born Cesidio Tallini]
  • Ectoespañolⓢ: Kaisiris Tallini [nacido Cesidio Tallini]
  • Català: Kaisiris Tallini [nascut Cesidio Tallini]
  • 外中文ⓩ: 凯西里斯·塔利尼(出生:塞西迪奥·塔利尼)
  • Oʻzbekcha: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Қазақша: Кайсирис Таллини [туылған: Сесидио Таллини]
  • Türkmençe: Kaisiris Tallini [doglan Cesidio Tallini]
  • Тоҷикӣ: Кайсирис Таллини [таваллуд: Сесидио Таллини]
  • Монгол: Кайсирис Таллини [төрсөн: Сесидио Таллини]
  • བོད་ཡིག༇ཁའི་སིཨའིརིས་ཏལིནའི༺འཁྲུངས་ཆེསིདིཨོ་ཏལིནའི༻
  • Ektodeutschⓓ: Kaisiris Tallini [geboren Cesidio Tallini]
  • Nederlands: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Svenska: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Dansk: Kaissiris Tallini
  • Suomi: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Norsk bokmål: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Íslenska: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Gàidhlig: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Cymraeg: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Bahasa Indonesia: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Jawa: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Sunda: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Ectofrançaisⓕ: Kaisiris Tallini [né Césidio Tallini]
  • Kreyòl ayisyen: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Corsu: Kaisiris Tallini [natu Cesidio Tallini]
  • Экторусскийⓡ: Кайсирис Таллини [урожденный Чесидио Таллини]
  • Беларуская: Кайсірыс Талліні
  • Кыргызча: Кайсирис Таллини
  • Українська: Кайсіріс Талліні
  • Română: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Српски: Каисирис Таллини
  • Հայերեն: Կայզիրիս Տալլինի
  • ქართველი: კაისირის ტალლინი
  • エクトニホンゴⓙ: カイシリス・タリーニ (ウマレ: チェシディオ・タリーニ)
  • Ectoitalianoⓘ: Kaisiris Tallini [nato Cesidio Tallini]
  • Hrvatski: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Slovenščina: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Magyar: Kaissiris Tallini
  • Shqip: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Македонски: Каисирис Таллини
  • Bosanski: Kaisiris Tallini
  • አማርኛ፦ ካይሲሪስ ታልሊኒ
  • ቲግሪንያ፦ ካይሲሪስ ታልሊኒ
  • Čeština: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Slovenčina: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Hausa: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Yorùbá: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Igbo: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Malagasy: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Kiswahili: Kaisiris Tallini
  • IsiZulu: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Ikinyarwanda: Kaisiris Tallini
  • IsiXhosa: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Afrikaans: Kaiciris Tallini
  • Vèneto: Kaisiris Tallini [nato Cesidio Tallini]
  • Napulitano: Kaisiris Tallini [nato Cesidio Tallini]
  • Sicilianu: Kaisiris Tallini [nascitu Cesidio Tallini]
  • Sardu: Kaisiris Tallini [nasciu Cesidio Tallini]
  • Malti: Kaisiris Tallini [imwieled Cesidio Tallini]
  • Ōlelo Hawaiʻi: Kaisiris Tallini [hānau ʻia ʻo Cesidio Tallini]
  • Εκτοελληνικάⓖ: Καϊσίρης Ταλλίνι [αρχικά Τσεσίδιο Ταλλίνι]
  • Ectoportuguêsⓟ: Kaisiris Tallini [nascido Cesidio Tallini]
  • Interlingua: Kaisiris Tallini [nascite Cesidio Tallini]
  • Esperanto: Kaisiris Tallini [origine Cesidio Tallini]
  • Polski: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Eesti: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Lietuvių: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Latviešu: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Türkçe: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Azərbaycanca: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Kurdî: Kaisiris Tallini
  • Български: Кайсирис Таллини
  • 엑토한국어ⓚ: 카이시리스 탈리니 (태어난: 체시디오 탈리니)
  • Ngoài tiếng việtⓥ: Kaisíris Tallini [sinh ra: Chêsidio Tallini]
  • Tagalog: Kaisiris Tallini [ipinanganak na Cesidio Tallini]
  • Cebuano: Kaisiris Tallini [natawo nga Cesidio Tallini]
  • ไทย: ไคสิริส ทัลลินี [เกิด: เชศรีดิโอ ทัลลินี]
  • Ectolatinaⓛ: Kaisidis Tallini [natus Caesidius Tallini]
  • Qhichwa: Kaisiris Tallini
  • ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ: ᑲᐃᓯᕆᔅ ᑕᓪᓕᓂ [ᓃᑭ ᒉᓯᑎᐅ ᑕᓪᓕᓂ]
  • हिंदी: काईसिरिस तालिनी
  • বাংলা: কাইসিরিস তালিনি
  • नेपाली: कैसिरिस तल्लिनी
  • తెలుగు: కైసిరిస్ తల్లిని
  • தமிழ்: கைசிரிஸ் தாலினி
  • मराठी: काईसीरिस तल्लीनी
  • ગુજરાતી: કૈસીરીસ તલ્લિની
  • ಕನ್ನಡ: ಕೈಸಿರಿಸ್ ಟಾಲಿನಿ
  • മലയാളം: കൈസിരിസ് തല്ലിനി
  • ଓଡିଆ: କେସିରିସ୍ ତାଲିନି
  • ລາວ: ໄຄຊີຣິສ ທາລິນີ
  • অসমীয়া: কাইচিৰিছ টালিনি
  • සිංහල: කෛසිරිස් ටල්ලිනි
  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ: ਕੈਸੀਰਿਸ ਟੱਲੀਨੀ

       پنجابی: قیصریس تلینی

       دری: قیصریس تالینی

       فارسی: کایسیریس تالینی

        [קַאִיסִירִיס טָאללִינִי [נוֹלַד צ'סִידָיו טָאללִינִי :ⓗאַקְטוֹעִבְרִית ▪

        [inillɒɈ oibiƨɘɔ oɈɒn] inillɒɈ ƨiɿiƨiɒʞ :ⓞoɔƨooɈɔɘ ▪

       [عربى: كايسيريس تاليني [ولد سيسيديو تاليني

       اردو: کائیسیرس تاللینی





Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT), or UTC+1 hour. Also known as the Cyberterra Mean Time standard (CMTs). There is also a Cyberterra Mean Time format (CMTf), which utilises the Cyberterra Mean Time standard (UTC+1 hour), the Cesidian calendar (a 14-month terrestrial calendar), and the time in millidays, or thousandths of a day.



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