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Asian Americans

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 3 years, 1 month ago

Asian Americans should abandon Aristotelian, WASP pseudo-culture


The kind of American who hasn't experienced any racism or prejudice until recently are WASPs, or White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.


WASPs are upper-class, white American Protestants, usually of British descent, but not exclusively so nowadays.


According to the Wikipedia, WASP elites dominated American society, culture, and politics for most of the history of the United States, maintaining a monopoly through intermarriage, inheritance, and nepotism.


Although the social influence of wealthy WASPs has declined since the 1940s, has declined in proportion to their salaries in fact, the group continues to dominate some financial and philanthropic fields, and in politics, their superspecialty.


Sociologists sometimes use the term WASP to broadly include all Protestant Americans of Northern European or Northwestern European ancestry, regardless of whether they have British ancestry.


The term is also used in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The 1998 Random House Unabridged Dictionary says the term is "sometimes disparaging and offensive".


Sometimes. The only racism or prejudice that WASPs experience today, and very rarely, is from political minorities, such as Black or Latino minorities, which have experienced either racial, and/or religious discrimination from them. Blacks or African Americans experienced discrimination especially in the past for racial reasons, and Hispanics partly for racial, as lots of Hispanics are of mixed ancestry; and partly for religious reasons, since WASPs have also discriminated against them as lots of Hispanics are also Catholics.


Now, of course, even LGBTQ minorities discriminate against WASPs, especially when they wish to push their religious values on everyone else, not just Catholics.


However, next to African Americans and Native Americans in general, the most maligned ethnic group in America has to be the Italian American group. They are as maligned as Eve was maligned, and I suspect for probably the same reason.


Only good food is considered almost exclusively Italian in America — although French, Chinese, and even other ethnic cuisines such as the Greek cuisine, do have their strengths —, not the telephone (Antonio Meucci, who several sources credit for the first telephone), the radio (invented by Guglielmo Marconi), or the computer chip (Federico Faggin designed the first commercial microprocessor, the Intel 4004).


In fact, people who are perceived as Italian Americans, will experience discrimination by both ethnic or cultural WASPs (in other words, micronational WASPs), and by Native Americans, even when they are actually Indigo by race — people who can be of any ethnicity, especially of mixed ethnicity, but who generally feel alien to US fake societies, or to US ethnic or religious groups for one or more reasons (perhaps they are ectopolitans who don't know yet they are ectopolitan) —, Fifth Worlder by ethnicity — certain kinds of micronationalists who are not fake micronationalists or simulationists —, and actually Cesidian by religious/spiritual, economic/scientific, and ethical/legal values.


Unfortunately it is Columbus, a crypto Jew, and a descendant of Genoese colonies (colonies of the Republic of Genoa: 1096 – 1797), who wasn't even a modern Italian yet, rather than the imperialistic WASPs, who is conveniently blamed today by Native Americans for all the evils perpetuated by the seed or progeny of the serpent (Aristotelians).


As the article below begins to show "Asian Americans", only a panethnic group in the US, have not been as maligned as a group as Italian Americans have been — Aristotelians, who can be Native Americans also today, or WASPs, or of any race or ethnicity except the Indigo race, or Fifth Worlder ethnicity, will put you in one of the standard Aristotelian boxes (poleis in Greek or πόλεις), even when you don't belong there, even when you are not actually accepted in those boxes, because a racist is what an Aristotelian essentially is, as they are people who put you in boxes they themselves don't belong to (they are zoologists among humans, and they also run zoos, or services for zoos), boxes they themselves shouldn't even be the judges of (they behave, more or less, like Facebook behaves when judging even my GEO, or Indigo, or Fifth World communities, so Aristotelians are also people who have, like Facebook, fake or corporate only relations) —, but Asian Americans are certainly the most invisible Americans.


My advice to Asian Americans, and Asians in general, is that they shouldn't bother trying to become WASPs, or any other kind of corporate, state-like entity only. They should join the people who provide meaning and dignity to their lives, the groups who they, in turn, can add meaning and dignity to.


This identification of Columbus as an "Italian", when modern Italy (unified Italy: 1861; Republic of Italy: 1946) did not even exist in 1492; this identification of Columbus as an "Italian American" — even the United States of America (Declaration: 1776; Treaty of Paris: 1783; last US state admitted to the union: 1959) wasn't completely established in 1492, and sociologists and anthropologists should note that the term "Italian American" does not represent, even today, an independent US ethnicity, society, or group in any shape or form — is complete bullshit or pseudoscience.


Italian Americans have such uncritical support for Columbus («Colombo» in Italian), that one might think all Italian Americans are part of some Genoese («Genovese» in Italian) extended family or clan. There is no such thing.


There is nothing wrong with associating Columbus with Italy, but Italian Americans in particular represent a great diversity of peoples, actually represent many different kinds of Italic cultures that exist, or which have existed in the past.


The Italic peoples not only are a lot more diverse than mere corporate, or state extensions of Romans or Latins, but Italy has also had quite a few post-Roman Empire distinctive cultures which have given the world their strong, distinctive influence.


From the Genoese, who helped to start the great migration to the New World (Christopher Columbus); to the Venetians, who introduced Europeans to the Far East, especially to China (Marco Polo); to the Tuscan contribution to the Latin alphabet at first, and to the Italian language later; to Oscan contributions to the only apparently "pure" Latin vocabulary (I may be the first ectolinguist to have discovered this aspect of Latin); and finally, in latter times, and from basically the same peoples as the Oscan peoples, the Neapolitan contributions to the linguistic diversity on the Italian peninsula, and also the Oscan or Neapolitan influence on cuisine, music, even theatre worldwide, it should be noted that the effect of Italy on the world is indelible, but modern political Italy is but a little pebble of that humongous bolder.


Italy is not one monolithic Roman or Genoese culture, and Italian Americans should begin to embrace the many kinds of Italic peoples which came, or which still reside on the Italian peninsula.


Asian Americans are even more diverse than that, and should not forget at least their cultural roots.


MT Kaisiris Tallini



A 'History of Exclusion, of Erasure, of Invisibility'. Why the Asian-American Story Is Missing From Many US Classrooms




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