Copernican revolution pre-ectohistory

The Copernican revolution is pre-ectohistory


With the realisation, on 3 February 2021, that Cyberterra (43°0'0" North; 15°0'0" East) is an ectogeographic concept, and actually the beginning of an entirely new ectogeographic region, made up by an ectopolitan island like Cyberterra; made up by the island of Fort San Jose (Pontinha) for geological reasons (made of a volcanic rock known as basalt, or of non-continental oceanic crust); but also populated by ectopolitans or gods; the field of ectogeography was born.


However, with the realisation on 18 March 2021 that London, capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a cosmopolitan city, but that the main-belt asteroid of 8837 London (aka 1989 TF4) can be considered an ectopolitan city with the same name, the field of ectoastronomy was also born.


Basically the materialistic Copernican revolution is over, and the spiritual Cesidian revolution has taken over the world already.


Cesidian spiritual science (Css) therefore, has become in essence Cesidian legal, spiritual and theological, salubriological and psychological, paranormal, linguistic, journalistic and historical, geological, geographic and astronomical, economics, societal and political, ecological and agricultural, informatics, educational and library science, or the world's first holistic, ethical, and scientific paradigm.


MT Kaisiris Tallini




Cyberterra was founded on 8 September 2002 as a metrosite, or virtual realm. The concept of Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) was born on 5 August 2009. On 3 January 2010, Cyberterra was established by convention at the terrestrial coordinates of Cyberterra of 43°0'0" North, and 15°0'0" East, a point in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, which has been visited by humans in the past (15 May 2007). This action turned Cyberterra also into a cybernetic realm, or kyvernitis (κυβερνήτης). It should also be noted that the 'ectohistory' Ectoenglish — ⓔ; een; term coined on 30.12.2020 — term was coined on 15.01.2021. However, this doesn't mean there wasn't an actual ectohistorical beginning even preceding the 'ectohistory' term, and that beginning can be traced to a yet earlier time. Cyberterra, which was founded on 08.09.2002 as a metrosite or virtual realm, was understood to be the beginning of an entirely new 'ectogeographic' region on 03.02.2021, so 'ectohistory' actually began on 8 September 2002. The term «jus cerebri electronici» on the other hand, a Cesidian law legal term, was coined 25.07.2003, but The Tallini Family, a non-internet micronation, started as early as 17.11.1998. So 'pre-ectohistory' began as early as 17 November 1998. In other words, 'ectohistory' started with the Cyberterra 'ectogeographic' concept, while 'pre-ectohistory' started at least as early as The Tallini Family 'ectofamily' (term coined on 29.09.2021) concept. It should also be noted that there have been also a two pre-17.11.1998 developments, and these are significant, because they are related to later 'ectohistorical' developments: 1) 24.11.1996, the date Kaisiris became a 'foster parent', in reality an 'ectoparent' (a Cesidian law concept), by starting the sponsorship of Lê Thị Ty, a 5-year-old Vietnamese girl from Quảng Trị province. Kaisiris supported Lê Thị and her family until she graduated from the Childreach/Plan International program in June 2007; and 2) 07.03.1998, the date Kaisiris developed the Tallinian Linguistic Classification System (TLCS), and attempted to promote it through an Italian-American cultural magazine, The Italic Way. Later, on 20.05.2002, Kaisiris unsuccessfully attempted to promote the ideas through The New York Times (NYT). Later still, the NYT even went out of its way to defame Kaisiris through one of their articles, which was supposed to inform their readership about the Independent Long Island development, but the article ended up instead being additional propaganda in favour of the evil status quo, and the NYT never really covers anything truly outside of the evil status quo, because it is only a mouthpiece for governments and their institutions as a corporation. The TLCS development, which can be harmonised mathematically and geometrically through Cesidian analytic theology (Cat), also preceded the development of ectolinguistics, and all current ectolanguages.


8837 London, a main-belt asteroid, was discovered on 7 October 1989 by E. W. Elst, at the European Southern Observatory, and was named after that city of London on the River Thames, which is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, the city which was founded by the Romans (it was called Londinium by them) in the first century.