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bs UN observances

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 3 years, 1 month ago

The bullshit United Nations observances


The United Nations (UN) has the following observances as international language days:


– 21 February: International Mother Language Day (the linguistic, "all the left out")

– 20 March: French Language Day (Official UN tongue only)

– 20 April: Chinese Language Day (Official UN tongue only)

– 23 April: Spanish Language Day (Official UN tongue, which has to share a day)

– 23 April: English Language Day (Official UN tongue, which has to share a day)

– 6 June: Russian Language Day (Official UN tongue only)

– 23 September: International Day of Sign Languages (the linguistic, "even more left out")

– 18 December: Arabic Language Day (Official UN tongue only)


Kaisiris has published the 'Ectopolitan' ⓔ designation for himself on his personal Facebook page in the following eight tongues (there was no extra space, and I regularly post in at least 50 languages, in 35 different linguistic forms elsewhere):


– Ectoenglish ⓔ

– Ectoitalian ⓘ

– Ectofrench ⓕ

– Ectochinese ⓩ

– Ectohebrew ⓗ

– Ectolatin ⓛ

– Ectogreek ⓖ

– Ectooscan ⓞ


Basically, four ectolanguages are fully living tongues (Ectoenglish, Ectoitalian, Ectofrench, Ectochinese); one is a "born again" ectolanguage (Ectohebrew); another is a dead ectolanguage orally, but not as a written ectolanguage (Ectolatin); another is an almost dead ectolanguage (Ectogreek); and the last ectolanguage is a dead written tongue, but not as an oral tongue, since it can pass for Ectoitalian orally (Ectooscan).


By the way, also according to the UN, 2021–2030 is the International Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (only the oceans are "making waves", not the UN on this beach).


According to the UN, the year 2021 is the:


– International Year of Peace and Trust (UN members are neither peaceful, nor trusting)

– International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development (where's that?)

– International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (maybe for the GMOs, and the full of pesticides)

– International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour (people, there is hardly any adult labour left)


Moreover, according to the UN, 24–30 April is World Immunization Week [WHO], which actually ends with the 30 April International Jazz Day, and not "Jabs" day! I see a musical-immunization — the word "immunization" does not exist in Ectoenglishⓔ, not even with the "immunisation" spelling because it is fake, or approximate science at best — conflict of interest here, like with the 23 April Spanish-English Language Day, to be perfectly honest.


Is there an Indigenous Peoples' Day-Columbus Day holiday in many parts of the United States?


Yes, but as I said, it is a conflict of interest, and this case is no exception.


One day should be dedicated to indigenous peoples, and one day should be for all those whose ancestors mostly came from elsewhere other than the Americas. You can't have it both ways, on the same day. You are either demeaning indigenous peoples with a missing separate holiday for them, or demeaning non-indigenous peoples by undermining or assaulting their holiday with your agenda or culture.


MT Kaisiris Tallini



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