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spiritual upgrade

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 3 years, 1 month ago

The spiritual upgrade of Humanity 2.0 — and why it will happen

Over the past 20,000 years, the average volume of the human male brain has decreased from 1,500 cubic centimetres (cc), to 1,350 cc.


As a practical matter, this means that on average, we have lost a chunk of brain the size of a tennis ball.


The female brain has also shrunk by about the same proportion.


This is a major downsizing in evolutionary terms, and it happened in China, Europe, and Africa — apparently everywhere.


Even more disconcerting is this fact: if our brain keeps dwindling in size at this rate over the next 20,000 years, it will start to approach the size of that found in Homo erectus, a relative that lived half a million years ago, that had a brain volume of only 1,100 cc.


Most believe that the erosion of our grey matter means that modern humans are getting dumber. In fact, there is little evidence to suggest that as brains shrink, their wiring becomes more efficient, transforming us into quicker, more agile thinkers. Recent MRI studies show that brain volume really does correlate with intelligence, at least as measured by the often celebrated, but widely criticised IQ tests.


Still others believe that the reduction in brain size is proof that we have "tamed" ourselves. Just as humans domesticated sheep, pigs, and cattle, all of which are smaller-brained than their wild ancestors, we have done the same for ourselves.


It is clear that this is the overall result of the paradigm or genus called civilisation, and it has caused a massive dumbing down of humanity.


It is well known that some of this brain mass loss can simply be attributed to decreased body mass. The smaller body masses of urban dwellers, compared with their more massive Stone Age ancestors, simply require less brain mass. Yet recent studies of human fossils suggest that the brain shrank more quickly than the body in near-modern times. Research on the skulls of Europeans dating from the Bronze Age, to medieval times, suggests brains shrank more quickly than did overall body sizes. Since the Bronze Age, the brain shrank a lot more than you would expect based on the decrease in body size alone.


Not only this is the "brain drain" nobody is talking about, because it doesn't have political repercussions — journalism is a totally political animal, unlike ectojournalism, so it doesn't help either —, but it also explains part of the reason why the Messiah is coming, is coming very, very soon: to reverse this general trend by simply "downsizing" civilisation.


After a long and slow retrenchment there is, in fact, some indication that human brain sizes appear to be rising again, as measured on the craniums of Americans of European and African descent from colonial times, up to the late 20th century.


This sudden shift, much like the increases in height and weight, is probably unrelated to genetic adaptations, and mostly related to changes in nutrition. However, one researcher, University of Wisconsin anthropologist John Hawks, still thinks the trend has an evolutionary component, because in his view, the forces of natural selection have so radically changed in the past 200 years.


According to his theory, in earlier periods, when famine was more common, people with unusually large brains would have been at greater peril of starving to death because of the prodigious energy requirements of grey matter — our brains alone gobble up to 20 percent of all the calories we consume. With the unprecedented abundance of food in more recent times, however, those selective forces have relaxed, reducing the evolutionary cost of a large brain.


However, the otherwise perceptive Hawks here may be totally wrong.


In my view, the changes are simply inevitable, because not only is human intelligence spiralling downward, but human, ecological, and planetary problems have been spiralling upward, and humans will need to be smarter, and very quickly, simply in order to completely reverse this trend.


Simply put, one single man, the "shepherd of mankind", is about to force human evolution away from the long term perils due to an overemphasis on the civilisation paradigm or genus since the Bronze Age, and "breed" humans, not farm animals or pets, in order to actually make them "wilder", less domesticated.


In other words, what has apparently begun to happen already, as human brain sizes appear to be slightly rising again, will only increase exponentially in magnitude in the next decades, but not because of overwhelming physical forces pushing evolution towards more massive human brains, but because of evolution brought about by spiritual tampering, a kind of "spiritual engineering", rather than genetic engineering.


A spiritual upgrade of humanity, therefore, is about to happen, and it will lead to a very different humanity than the one hubristically present on Earth today.


MT Kaisiris Tallini



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