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Not written in Ectoenglish

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 3 years, 2 months ago

About wiki articles not written in Ectoenglishâ“”

My most recent article, shows why Christianity won't be given any credit from the Messiah himself, because it deserves none, and anybody who believes otherwise is simply narcissistic, and/or delusional:


The Christianity delusion



However, while Christianity throughout its history has mostly centred on the fake soteriological authority of popes, who were mostly heads of the wolf pack against the Messiah, rather than worthy-of-praise sheep dogs assisting the Homomessianic saint throughout history, that is, in several incarnations since April of 30 CE; or on the questionable authority of the Deep Fake Bible, which is as full of fictional or distorted accounts, as it is of realistic or bona fide ones; the satanic system which Aristotle only completed, having been initiated by both Josiah's fake monotheism, and by Cleisthenes' fake democracy, was not helpful to the building of God's so-called kingdom either. These swindlers of humanity were never properly judged in the books of fake, or Aristotelian history, but they shall be properly demoted in ectohistorical accounts of the future.


As a result of a long process of research, testing, and development which started almost 23 years ago, I have reached the conclusion that your standard Wikipedia article does not treat even historical humans in a way which facilitates research into the past, and still extant human beings with any claim to fame are treated like dead people already, even before a death certificate is issued by some state, by some fake natural society on their behalf.


There was, until today, no such thing as a multisocietal or ectopolitan wiki article, so I had to construct one from scratch with the new wiki articles entitled "Kaisiris Tallini" about myself below.


Old wiki articles entitled "Cesidio Tallini" will be more standard fare, and while I have pointed to the fact that any references contained within them may not meet ectojournalistic standards applicable under Cesidian law, I will only try my best to keep them updated, while they may still appear useful in some way.


Please note that while other faithful versions to the wiki article format below exist in a few other wikis, since these may be arbitrarily edited without improvement by others, who are not experts on anything I'm an expert of, nor are they experts about myself, or completely fluent in Ectoenglishâ“”, they should not to be construed as authoritative about Kaisiris Tallini by any ectopolitan worthy of his "ecto-" prefix:


Kaisiris Tallini (Fifth World Wiki)



Kaisiris Tallini (Fifth World Community Wiki)



MT Kaisiris Tallini



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