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Fleming 2021 Declaration

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 3 years ago

The Fleming 2021 Declaration — [14 May 2021 | T1Φ04F2021•861]

While the term tribe is not used much by people who consider themselves part of the civilised paradigm, and it is a paradigm, because there are no longer civilised, and uncivilised countries, or even civilised, and uncivilised continents, that doesn't mean that there aren't civilised people who claim to be aboriginal, autochthonous, first, indigenous, or native peoples members of an ethnic tribe.


Moreover, today there are also non-ethnic tribes (or tribus), except they are usually large and wealthy corporations or institutions providing stable employment and/or meaning in life; or they may be Judaeo-Christian denominations; Muslim branches; atheist parties or groups without de facto respect for ethnic, religious, and/or philosophical pluralism; Hindu denominations; Buddhist schools; or members of other religions or religious sects.


Despite tribal, partisan, country, continental or regional differences, however, and despite the so-called different races, there is only a single Aristotelian paradigm of human, and the United Nations (UN) does not truly recognise or tolerate any other paradigm of human.


So even though the UN panders to various indigenous groups or religions, even different companies or organisations, the UN only recognises the supremacy of the Aristotelian paradigm. There is no other paradigm or genus that is recognised, that is, afforded equal dignity, autonomy, and independence.


It should be noted that not only are there people who do not recognise the dignity, autonomy, and independence of separate ethnic, religious, or institutional tribes, but they also don't recognise the separate races.


These people also deny the existence of the Indigo race, because they are already so spiritually distinct, that some of them have begun to even form a separate non-Aristotelian region, paradigm, or genus.


You have to understand that there are plenty of Judaeo-Christians who do not recognise what even Jesus predicted: his spitting the "church of Laodicea" out of his mouth (Revelation 3:14–22), which is actually the synagogue-church of Judaeo-Christianity, Babylonian Judaism or Aristotelian Christianity, since there are also Messianic denominations within Judaism, and/or Jewish denominations within Christianity.


However, the full truth is this: there are also Native Americans, and even micronationalists who deny the existence, and/or equal dignity, autonomy, and independence of...


– the separate Indigo race, paradigm, or genus;

– the separate "seed of the woman" (Genesis 3:15);

– the separate Homo sapiens ethicus or Homo noeticus.


These people, however, usually do not deny the existence of one or more of...


– all the other races, and the fascist Aristotelian paradigm or genus;

– the separate "seed of the serpent" (Genesis 3:15);

– the separate Homo sapiens sapiens or Homo economicus.


This Declaration serves to make clear, from this day forward, these distinctions, and the equal dignity, autonomy, and independent existence of a new Indigo race, paradigm, or genus.


MT Kaisiris Tallini (aka Cesidio Tallini)



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