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2,000-year-old lies

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 11 months ago

The 2,000-year-old lies are no longer hidden



On 14 May 1948, a new city or country, a civis or Tallini Third World entity was declared called Israel, and the day after a war also started.


On 14 May 2021, 73 years later, a new region or paradigm, a genus or Tallini Second World entity was declared called the Indigo race.


You are already hearing of wars and rumours of wars (Matthew 24:6). Expect things to get worst until one bright new morning, of a less than peaceful month.


The Buddha once said that three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


The sun is seen every morning, even when it is cloudy.


The moon is seen at least once a month during the full moon. In fact, the character for "month" in Japanese, or 月, which is the character for "month" in Chinese as well, means "moon" in both tongues.


But the truth that the Messiah or Christ did not rise again in the hours preceding the dawn of the third day, but was born again in the decades preceding the dawn of the third millennium, can only be seen after two millennia.


Yet one beautiful morning, of a less than peaceful month, you will also see the long hidden truth, and when you will see it, as the prophets suggest, it will be more beautiful, more resplendent than both the sun and the moon.


Here are signs that the morning and the month of truth are not so far off into the future any longer.


Someone on Facebook has stated yesterday, "A language is a dialect with an army and a navy."


My response:


"One linguist has indeed made that statement, and there is definitely a lot of truth to it. However, nobody has ever asked themselves what it means if a military of any strength determines what variant, variety, or lect of a language one may end up speaking or reading.


"Seems like languages must be totally inadequate for the purposes of elevated thinking, sound science, or even intelligent discorse. And this is the reason why today I claim all languages are, in fact, registers of the powers that be, Aristotelian pseudo-languages, and thus not real languages spoken by elevated, sophisticated, or genuine humans in any way.


"A real language is an ectolanguage, or literally, outside of language. It requires, however, a natural society full of men and women of good will, not tyrants, propagandists, and sleazeballs to survive into the next generation of speakers, readers, and writers."


Now perhaps you finally begin to understand truth, after the statement above, and what the "mission statement" of a natural human society must be, and yes, while meeting basic necessities is important, because we need to feed and protect both children and adults; meeting emotional, social, spiritual, even ectolinguistic needs is equally important, not so much for the survival of families, clans, or congregations, or even for the survival of overrated nations or states, but for the survival of a paradigm which is more than just a vain hope of better mornings and months to come.


The alternative to natural society, in fact, is either pure tyranny, or an Aristotelian fake society without alternatives, and the fake everything these generate: from fake social and societal values (curia-level, or Tallini Fifth World problems); to fake religion and spirituality (tribus-level, or Tallini Fourth World problems); to fake economics and science (civis-level, or Tallini Third World problems); to fake ethics and law (genus-level, or Tallini Second World problems).


MT Kaisiris Tallini



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