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Doris is stateless

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 11 months ago

Doris is stateless, and needs your help

Doris Jones is long time national self-determination advocate for Sarawak and North Borneo (occupied by Malaysia). She has given her time to the Organization for Emerging African States (OEAS) and Nations Without States selflessly, and both these organisations have also supported serious national self-determination efforts in the past.


The Malaysian government refuses to issue Doris a new passport; she has been ruthlessly persecuted; and she is also subject to arrest by the same criminal government.


She is currently undergoing medical treatment, and is temporarily disabled. She needs $2,000 to apply for her United Kingdom passport, which she desperately needs. Since she has become stateless, prosecuted just like Jesus was prosecuted, without this passport she is unable to travel even if she needs to.


Can you help Doris by donating $20 or $50? Perhaps you can make a larger donation? I hope you will at least consider. Otherwise, Doris can travel by air only with Jesus' direct help.


MT Kaisiris Tallini


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