Love is a circle, or a complex curve


In love we always like to see

the glass as half-full,

rather than half-empty,

but love, true love, is not what

connects us to a single soul.

That kind of love is like a

single line connecting

two opposite points,

and that line is what often

separates us from those

who truly love us,

only in a different way.

True love is rather like a circle,

or like a more complex curve,

and it takes three or more points,

not two, to describe that circle,

or more complex curve.

And the circle is your clan,

not just your parents at some time,

not just your spouse at another;

and the more complex curve

is your congregation or nation,

and that is ultimately connected

not just with you, and the person

who will give you your children,

and help you only to provide for

the basic needs of those children,

but that community that will give

meaning and purpose even

to your future children

when your parents are gone,

even though you now think

they'll be there forever,

yet the truth is one day,

they too will rejoin their full circle,

or more complex curve,

just in a different form.



MT Kaisiris Tallini