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age of aquarius truth

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 7 months ago


Truth for the Age of Aquarius

The Bucksfanian astrological age of Aquarius started on 15 May 1691. The first important event which occurred after the beginning of the Bucksfanian Age of Aquarius was the Salem witch trials (February 1692 – May 1693).


It should be noted that Wiccans and Witches are two confusing words. Today they may be considered interchangeable by some practitioners of Wicca, but completely distinct from each other by others. Some Wiccans identify as Witches, while others do not.


For Wiccans who don't consider themselves Witches, the reason is usually that they don't practice magic, which is the part that most people think of as 'Witchcraft'. These Wiccans worship the Goddess and God, celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year, and live in harmony with nature, but they don't seek to harness the natural energies at work in the Universe, in order to bring about desired change in their lives. Therefore, these Wiccans are not Witches.


The Hellenistic astrological age of Aquarius, on the other hand, started on 7 May 1998. The first important event which occurred after the beginning of the Hellenistic Age of Aquarius was the birth of The Tallini Family (17 November 1998), the first ectofamily made up of a mother and her son.


UN Member (state): an evil social-societal hexer, conjurer, diviner.


The New York Times: evil singleist or social hexer, conjurer, diviner.


Facebook: evil ectoinformatics hexer, conjurer, and diviner; also a glorified spambot.


Human or group singleists, coupleists, and tripleists (Ectoenglish terms): all evil social-societal hexers, conjurers, diviners.


Individual hexers, conjurers, and diviners are all Satanists, also known as Aristotelian extremophiles. This is also known as Babylonian [בַּבְלִי], Tower of Babel, or Migdal Bavel [מִגְדַּל בָּבֶל] religion.


Satanists or Aristotelian extremophiles all honour false gods.


They constantly dishonour the Eternal Yehovah [יְהֹוָה] or Jehovah.


They do not acknowledge, they deny, and they even seek to replace the Eternal Yehovih [יֱהֹוִה] or Jehovih (Ectoenglish plural form of Jehovah) mentioned in accurate translations of the Hebrew of Isaiah 44:6. These true divinities are also known as the Father and the Son (1 John 2:22).


According to "First Aid for a Curse", the best protection against evil — such as from hexers and conjurers, and also from diviners to a degree — is to align yourself with higher vibrations, that is, with the Divine.


Prayers are a great tool in this regard, regardless of the form. What you truly believe is important. Singing mantras is a perfect way to keep your focus on the Divine, and invoke the protection of the Divine at the same time. Praying the Rosary may also help for some. Simply turning towards the Light, to the Source of all truth, automatically dispels any shadows. However, dwelling on the shadows only deepens them.


This applies to hexes, also known as evil spells or curses, but it also applies to the secular or atheistic hexers, such as UN Members or states, The New York Times, Facebook and other social(ist) media.


The more power you harness from within yourself (your own divinity!), the more power your family, clan, congregation or sabha — plural: sabhao —, natural society or koinonia — plural: koinonies — harnesses away from governments, government agencies, institutions, large corporations, the fake media, and the more free you are from secular or atheistic hexers.


As a Cesidian you have extraordinary power over individual and group hexers, but as an ectopolitan you also have power over the fake media, large corporations, institutions (whether secular or religious), government agencies, even countries and the UN.


MT Kaisiris Tallini




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