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Relationship philosophy

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 6 months ago

Organisational/personal relationship philosophy: Plato revised

The Greek philosopher and scholarch Plato (21.05.429 – 21.05.348 BCE) once said, “Love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole.”


He also said, “You should not honour men more than truth.”


I have to admit that I don’t disagree with Plato on either of these two statements, and I consider these statements very important.


If we add the two aforementioned statements together, we can come to a new statement, or Plato revised for the date of 26.11.2021 (or V2Φ18M2021 in the Cesidian calendar):


“You should not honour women more than their capacity to feel whole with you.”


This is an especially true statement if you were actually past 55 years old, and your last surviving parent and mother had to pass away; and all, yes, all your American loved ones and close friends had to abandon you; in order for you to even begin to feel like anything less than whole.


I cannot say that Facebook, the American online social(list) media service, has treated me in a way that makes me feel either whole, or capable of fully expressing the truths I have discovered, and to be perfectly frank, I cannot speak with greater regard of most American media enterprises either in that respect, or most American academic institutions, publishers, or legislators/politicians.


Since I cannot change Facebook and its ways, anymore than I can change most Americans, I have chosen to change myself. I’ve been changing myself all the time since the year 1971 anyway, when I went from a third grade elementary school class where everyone spoke in English, to a fourth grade elementary school class where everyone spoke in Italian.


As a result of this change, as a result of this social-societal revolution, I will no longer stay in relationships with other organisations or people simply because other persons, some who may even treat me like genuine friends or esteemed colleagues, choose to continue to stay related with, or through organisations or people I consider toxic, and/or abusive.


As of 26 November 2021 — or the date of Jeuday 18 Montessori 2021 in the Cesidian calendar — I shall no longer be posting anymore either in any Facebook group or community that I have founded, or that I have been chosen the admin of, or even on my Facebook profile, and I will also no longer interact in any way through Facebook by accepting new Facebook friends either.


Sorry, but these are my rules for toxic organisations from now on, and I won’t follow Facebook’s ‘community’ rules, because I do not consider Facebook a natural community in any way, or one which is even respectful of my rights, and/or dignity. I consider Facebook as American as... a mountain of bison heads piled up in order to cause the genocide of Native Americans — and the extermination of bison, of course. I think I’ve made myself clear at this point.


If you truly feel you need to contact me, and you do not represent an American media company or publisher, and/or you do not feel particularly American, you may contact me only through this website:


Fifth World Community on Linktree



Ectopolitan, cosmopolitan, or extremely apolitical, anti-political, or anarchist persons, families, clans or small organisations; but also larger congregations, businesses, institutions; and even highly progressive small states or countries, whether UN members or not, may contact me only through this website:


Paradiplomatic Affairs at Linktree



Any future articles will be posted exclusively through my Fifth World Community (5WC) email list, and/or through articles or links which will appear at the...


Fifth World Community Wiki



or the...


Fifth World Wiki



Kind regards,


MT Kaisiris Tallini




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