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Who is the ba Jesus today

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 6 months ago

Who is the born again Jesus today? 

[originally posted on Facebook on 03.12.2020; updated on 06–07.12.2021]

Who is the born again Jesus today?


He is sort of like that Jewish relative or friend white folks probably don't really care about, because they are all related to those Greeks, especially to that overrated and pompous ass of Aristotle, and they definitely don't care about Jesus if they are Jewish themselves. Even the Chinese Communist Party thinks of Jesus as an illegal alien, so he has no status in China either. In some other heavily populated countries like India, Jesus is barely tolerated because he is perceived as an example of political tolerance, even though Jesus was never a political animal at all.


So Jesus is like someone without a legal nationality, and I do mean nationality, not citizenship, because being part of an Aristotelian state or country, or being a citizen, doesn't really take care of you when you are left with nobody who is actually close, who actually has a relationship with you, unless you are part of those protection rackets for oligarchs called police states, or UN countries, that Christians love so much, and Christianity is little more than Aristotelian Christianity today.


Jesus kind of reminds non-atheists of God, except he's what God would be if God Himself didn't have any real relations to his own extraterrestrial society. I'm not talking about Einstein's pantheistic god, or the god many people claim to believe as a "higher power", but the God Jesus called Abba (Ἀββᾶ) [Aramaic: אַבָּא; Hebrew: אָב]. While Abba probably did not mean "daddy" back then, in rabbinical commentaries it is also stated that slaves were forbidden to address the head of the family, the «pater familias» by that title, so it is clear that Abba meant someone close, very close to Jesus, not someone far away or uppity like some government bureaucrat or official. The word "father" in English can be used in entirely political or Aristotelian ways today, thanks in part to the fake societal-political science which is taught at universities all over the world, but Abba can only be a societal or Pythagorean term.


So Jesus isn't a stateless person, but even worse off, because he is burdened with all the duties or obligations an Aristotelian citizen is burdened with, yet none of the rights or privileges of other peoples. Even members of Native American bands or tribes are better off than Jesus today, and Jesus would probably not find any acceptance even among them.


Now the same people who claim they have a "relationship" with Jesus, yet can't show they are actually married or related to the born again Jesus anymore than a Catholic nun can — the latter are also Sophists, only more so than most Christians —, are also the very same people who ignore the born again Jesus altogether, because Christians aren't really a recognised nation or tribe.


You see, recognised nations or tribes not only would have some camaraderie Christians do not possess at all, but would also have a right to some degree of community or tribal self-determination, including the possibility of having normal marital relations, and other kinds of family relationships without external interference or control, with the potential offspring that most Christian clergy are actually excluded from having. No, Christianity is just a primary or secondary source of income for these people who call themselves Christians, and Christianity today is little more than a persistent meme. Christians are people who call God, even Jesus "Father", while they would have to call him Abba (Ἀββᾶ) if they had an actual relationship, or even if they simply desired a primary, secondary, or tertiary relationship with the born again Jesus. No, Christians have more of a relationship to their drill sergeants than they have to the born again Jesus today.


These BS artists will even say Jesus "died" for them, died for a bunch of strangers, as if they are more worthy of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice than a chicken, a chimp, or even a government official, but they aren't willing to even lift a finger for the born again Jesus, never mind about becoming a martyr for Jesus like Saint Stephen did!


In fact, why did Saint Stephen die for these self-centred Aristotelian extremophiles, these philosophically sophist monkeys pretending to have a love for God (Abba), or even for Jesus in their hearts? If Christianity is not first and foremost about love, family, clan, and community, then even Jesus would want nothing to do with it, because it would become only an additional burden besides the already unsustainable burdens of civilisation. Jesus did mention the grave burden of Jewish or Mosaic law in his time, so this is not some far-fetched hypothesis. This is about as Jesus-centric as one can get, without being the born again Jesus himself.


So yes, Jesus is probably post-Judaeo-Christian already. The Bible does actually call God Almighty the Redeemer of the born again Jesus (Isaiah 44:6), and Jesus himself admitted that he would not find any faith (Luke 18:8) in a world with 2.4 billion Christians, because he predicted that the love of most would grow cold (Matthew 24:12).


MT Kaisiris Tallini



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