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enhancing numerology

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 4 months ago

Enhancing Numerology through name changes, and the Cesidian calendar

When I was born as Cesidio Tallini, back on Thursday, 10 May 1962 [S1Ψ26E1962•229], my name and date of birth in the Gregorian calendar essentially made me everybody's doormat.


In fact, everybody benefitted from this, except me.


Of course, I still carry on some of those personality traits which can be very destructive most, if not all of the time, because "lower vibration" people can be very self-centred, and the world is full of these.


But then I was "born again", this time without dying first. This happened when I changed my name.


When you do that "legally", you basically have to drop your old name. It is sort of like getting married again: you need to divorce your old spouse first, in order to get a new spouse.


However, I don't run under the general premises of the Mosaic law, but under Cesidian law rationale.


Under Cesidian law, you can acquire, under ideal circumstances, a second spouse, without the need to divorce the first. The stirpesation union allows this, because under Cesidian law, two is "company", but it isn't three that is a "crowd", but four mathematically-speaking, and thus three is still a family or stirps in Ectolatin (a "company"), but not a clan or gens in Ectolatin (a "crowd").


So I changed my name ethically, not "legally", in order to better reflect my Cesidian and ectopolitical (Pythagorean), rather than my Judaeo-Christian and political (Aristotelian) inclinations.


In fact, I am still transforming, because although I have changed my name some time ago, and this has changed my personality and interests a lot, I have not significantly changed where I live, or better, where I am destined to live, and from that point on, Messianic astrology becomes more significant, because my social, even societal status is destined to radically change.


However, even without using Messianic astrology considerations, another new discipline which I developed, along with Bucksfanian astrology, the change in my name alone, and the date on which this occurred, which becomes like a new birth date, allows me to make better predictions about my future, as someone less than Satan's doormat. Soon Satan is going to be fully under my heel, I believe!


My new Kaisiris Tallini name, on the other hand, shows I'm a lover of freedom, ideas, and variety.


The date on which this occurred is Tuesday, 3 September 2013 [K2Ψ22J2013•460].


Numerologically, my new Life Path number of 9 is extremely significant. It suggests that I am now also the Humanitarian: I have a greater abundance of feelings, coupled with a strong sense of compassion and generosity. Now I have a stronger humanitarian attitude, an easier come and go attitude about things in general.


This should allow me to be less of a homebody, and to make friends more easily. My greater openness and amiable demeanour make these changes possible.


However, relationships can also be difficult with a partner who doesn't share my giving nature, one who is more focused is on material issues.


The purpose of life for those with a 9 Life Path is often of a philosophical nature. Judges, spiritual leaders, healers, and educators frequently have this energy.


There is also a greater tendency to be scattered. My talents, especially now, lie in many different directions, and I find it difficult to focus on just one field of endeavour, or on one single discipline. Too much emphasis on material gain can also cause me a deep level of dissatisfaction.


My Expression or Destiny Number of 1, in turn, suggests that the direction of growth in my lifetime will be towards gaining greater independence, and establishing myself as a leader. I have within me all that it takes to become an original person with a creative approach to problem-solving, and I also have a strong penchant for initiating action. As I progress through life, I will seek to expand and broaden opportunities, to find new career avenues, and even invent new things.


The 1 Expression or Destiny Number shows an almost innate fear of routine, of being in a rut.


My Personality Number is 8, which makes me very ambitious and competitive, but typically in a good-natured way. I am confident, lucky, and highly resourceful. I push to reach consistently higher goals. I am very good at envisioning and developing projects.


This allows me to radiate strength, charisma, and it typically produces leaders in many fields.


My Soul Urge Number is 2, which makes me a natural peace keeper, one who seeks to bridge gaps, and bring others together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation. This applies to all facets of life, but also to relationships. These people have unique tastes in art, music, film, literature, etc.


A 2 Soul Urge also gives a very developed intuition, although one can be equally suspicious, rather than overly confident, in one's intuition.


My Birthdate Number in the Gregorian calendar is 3, and this makes me tolerant of others who are different from myself. Because of this, I have the capacity to assimilate complex issues, so I would be well-suited for careers in travel, education, publishing, theology, or high finance.


However, the use of Cesidian calendar date data, or 22 as the date, J or 10 as the month, and 2013 as the year, produces a different Life Path Number (11) and Birthdate Number (22).


An 11 Life Path Number is known as the Healer, someone who is very intuitive, and in fact this is the most intuitive of all numbers. These people are sensitive and have a great understanding of others, and can sense a great deal about what is going on behind the scenes. They can pick up on people's relationships and health, even without being told anything. They are here to use their gifts of intuition and sensitivity in order to help others.


The number 11 is also a Master number — like 22 and 33 in Numerology —, and it brings higher intuition and spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, as well as empathy and natural intelligence. The number eleven is a sign of enormous power — both mental and physical. Due to their high sensitivity, responsiveness, and power, individuals with this number may be presidents, politicians, managers, artists, writers, or other high-ranking persons.


In relationships, they tend to walk slowly along the shore, and seek more information at first about their potential partner, before making any commitments. These people love working, and the fields of finance, international relations, and business, and in many cases they are self-employed, and do not need to live under the domination or direction of another person or company. Their high sensitivity (hypersensitivity) and workaholism causes them to spend more time working than relaxing. This can lead to insomnia, and/or too much openness towards others.


The Cesidian Birthdate Number of 22, on the other hand, also makes me very psychic, someone who tends to use their intuitive gifts in order to excel. While there is a lot of energy for personal relationships with the Birthdate Number 22, there is also a tendency to attract hidden enemies, who can make life a bit more complicated.


I now seem well-suited for anything that requires a fair amount of organisational skill, because of my new name and birth (re-birth) date.


MT Kaisiris Tallini


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