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wikis and ectowikis

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 4 months ago

The difference between a wiki and an ectowiki

A wiki like the Wikipedia relies primarily, or almost exclusively on articles written by other people or organisations, rather than on articles written by the individual, organisation, or institution who is the primary subject matter of the article.


This is not to say that there is absolutely no ectojournalism or ectohistory out there, as well as honest ectojournalists and ectohistorians, but wikis are almost exclusively made up of nothing more than manipulated — deliberately biased, and/or unreliable in its accuracy — information, which protects the status quo of the world's dominant Aristotelian paradigm only, and the individual people, organisations, institutions, government agencies or governments that benefit from the status quo.


Wikis work on the opposite logic of the infinite monkey theorem, which has been debunked: a single complete and magnificent literary work, such as Shakespeare's Hamlet, is impossible, or nearly impossible to produce as a result.


An ectowiki like the Fifth World Wiki and Fifth World Community Wiki relies primarily, or almost exclusively on articles written by the individual, organisation, or institution who is the primary subject matter of the article.


There can be additional articles written by honest ectojournalists and ectohistorians, or other honest individuals, organisations, or institutions, but these merely supplement the primary source(s), not replace them.


If the information is at all slightly manipulated or biased in an ectowiki, this is solely the work of the individuals, organisations, or institutions who are the subject matter of the article.


No paradigm dominated by mafia-like tribal and political interests only; by men, rather than by women; by exploiters, rather than by nurturers; by corruptors of men, nature, and its laws, rather than by those who work in harmony with men, nature, and its laws, is enforced through the article, and truth, as well as accuracy, are the dominant values.


As a result of this more Pythagorean paradigm shift individuals, organisations, and highly representative and helpful institutions can flourish, free from duress or monopolies of power of any kind.


Individuals, families, clans, congregations and communities can freely grow and develop, and both societal and multisocietal change for the better becomes possible.


MT Kaisiris Tallini


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