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UN governments obsolete

Page history last edited by Kaisiris Tallini 2 years, 2 months ago


verified social-societal equations


Evaluation: UN members have become obsolete

«Homo sapiens sapiens», or "very wise man", is in reality a misnomer. It should be Homo stultus, or "foolish man".


When we don't have enough jobs for every adult, or almost every adult, we experience what?


We experience high unemployment, and Homo stultus typically blames the government(s) for it.


The UN governments, or the zookeepers, are either supposed to provide the extra employment directly, and/or they are supposed to stimulate new business formation, and/or the high level research and development which leads to new products, new technologies, new fields of endeavour and potential careers, and the extra new jobs that come with these.


When we don't have enough good companionship for every adult, or almost every adult, we experience what?


We experience high, even mass isolation and loneliness, but Homo stultus doesn't blame the government for it, even though lately the zookeepers, and their Big Pharma appendicitis, are responsible for both high unemployment, and the mass isolation and loneliness that often comes with it.


No, UN governments are not supposed to take care of this, for some strange reason, so YouTube tarot card readers, and/or empaths come to the rescue!


These say the problem is Mercury retrograde, and/or Venus direct, which of course isn't usually the culprit; or they indicate that the cards suggest we are going to find new love next week, or something like that, as they keep promising.


And if we don't find new love next week, or even in the next six months, we can just say it was a "personal reading" only for someone else, and if it doesn't "resonate", then no sweat!


After all, all this stuff is just "entertainment", not the potential solution to your social-societal, and other kinds of problems, the ones UN governments provide licenced professional idiots for.


Like these governments are qualified to even judge that!


YouTube tarot card readers, and/or empaths have invented all kinds of terms, like "divine masculine", and "divine feminine", who usually end up being either your actual "swine masculine", or "swine feminine". Trust me: not even the born again apostles are "divine" any longer!


They also routinely call narcissists your "twin flame", when in reality a true twin flame is supposed to act like the opposite of the narcissist you are actually paying attention to, which is what happens when you meet both your "divine someone", and "twin flame" who, instead of genuinely seeking a soulmate, like twin flames are supposed to do, is just looking for another fucking pig like him or her, and for yet another one-night stand!


But the truth is this: I don't know about you personally, but I know with absolute certainty, and I have in fact proven it, that I have such a unique personality; such a high IQ; such high self-respect, human dignity, and moral fortitude; that I really don't have a "twin flame", and actually most adults don't either.


What happens if your "twin flame" dies in a car accident while he or she was young? Can I ask this question to "twin flame" acolytes?


Is prostitution legal in most US states if that happens?


Is prostitution even a solution to mass isolation and loneliness problems?


YouTube readers or interpreters never talk about those things.


I have discovered that I have, in reality, a twin society, or better, I've been trying for years now to create one, in a so-called "free society", and by being the actual leader, the actual solution to your problems, and not just another publicly subsidised office holder or modern tribune, who doesn't do anything, anything at all with your current problems, and just makes even more regulations for natural persons, but never for corporations, which in turn are the true source of most of the problems today.


However, I do know I was surrounded not exclusively, but at least offline I was, and largely by American narcissists — who think they are better, smarter, or more respectable than I, especially if they work for that yellow journalism (en-US) or tabloid journalism (en-GB) source, trying to pass for respectable ectojournalism, called The New York Times (NYT), and/or I was completely surrounded by swine masculines and feminines, and/or fake twin flames.


These, by the way, are the same people who conveniently point the finger at, or for some politician all the time, especially if they are celebrities, billionaires, or politicians themselves, and just for perceived economic woes, or "social injustices", never for the actual mass economic, even social-societal problems that they themselves cause, and/or continue to perpetuate every day, simply by not allowing, or even by preventing good, intelligent, and creative people to work on these problems!


These people never take responsibility for all the unemployment, all the loneliness, all the social-societal problems, even all the emotional distress they themselves cause to multiple people, even to entire societies or potential societies, and they are actually part of the problem, not part of the solution!


UN governments, and/or their lackeys, should intervene on all the narcissists, swine someones, and fake twin flames!


They should especially intervene on the fake media, since the very same narcissists are always celebrated by the fake media, but the same put down, all of the time, truly intelligent and creative men and women. Get a real ectojournalism job, NYT!


Moreover, what have the narcissists been doing lately?


Tell me, fake media!


What problem have the narcissists — whether celebrities, billionaires, or politicians — actually solved lately?


The governments should also go for that Big Pharma appendectomy, instead of continuously postponing the operation with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).


Otherwise, UN govenments are going to soon lose their kidneys.


And when you lose your kidneys, you usually die!


It doesn't just happen to empires like the Roman Empire, or the British Empire, you know!


MT Kaisiris Tallini




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