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new ectolanguages and languages

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Ectolanguage Organism ⓔⓛⓞ now accepting

new languages and ectolanguages

On the date of 12 February 2022, with the 1) new full list of independent ectosymbols; 2) the name 'Kaisiris Tallini' and the adjective or noun 'ectopolitan' fully translated in 99 ectolanguages or languages; I can make the following announcement.


The Ectolanguage Organism ⓔⓛⓞ (28.04.2021 – Ω), the world's first societal organism, and an ectogovernmental organisation (EGO), can now accept any new language if you can translate 3 words in that language: 'Kaisiris', 'Tallini', and 'ectopolitan'.


The Ectolanguage Organism ⓔⓛⓞ can also accept any new ectolanguage if you can translate 14 additional words or phrases in that potential ectolanguage.


The Ectolanguage Organism ⓔⓛⓞ is a fully self-sufficient organisation, and a genuine international organisation independent of any UN member state or country.


The Ectolanguage Organism ⓔⓛⓞ has the authority to adopt any new language for both terrestrial and extraterrestrial uses, and it is the only organisation on planet Earth qualified to accept any new ectolanguage to its lists.


The Ectolanguage Organism ⓔⓛⓞ invites word coiners, lexicographers, conlinguists, linguists, and ectolinguists to take up this challenge.


You may contact me through the Paradiplomatic Affairs (PdA) website:




Kind regards,


MT Kaisiris Tallini


Additional references


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